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Vibrant You by Helen


Hello, my name is Helen Garth and I live in Bollington on the edge of the Peak District.

I am highly creative and passionate about helping people. I have had a varied career including time spent as a teacher, hypnotherapist and counsellor. I now combine my skills and knowledge as a colour and style consultant, helping people like you discover the clothes, makeup and jewellery that help them shine.

I enjoy photography, dancing, and I play in a local ukulele band.

My family has long flown the nest, and I recently reached one of those ‘zero’ birthdays. I had arrived at a crossroads. I took a long hard look and realised a definite need for a serious and long-overdue upgrade!

Black, white, and blue dominated my wardrobe. Nothing seemed to match. My winter coat looked more like a duvet and most of my outfits were a size too big to hide ‘those bits’. Outdated jeans and tired leggings were too often pulled on without a second thought.

My daughters despaired. Many of my outfits remained on their hangers, yearning for that special event until they went out of fashion. My ‘go-to’ lipstick no longer matched my ever-changing hair and skin tones. Was I really applying the same make-up as when I was 17? Yes, I was. It was definitely time for a change. Time to get real. Time to say that even though I’ve accumulated more zeros than I’d like to admit, surely I can still look good and display some attitude?

The First Step

The first step was a colour consultation. During the session, I was draped in a myriad of colours to analyse those that enhanced my natural colouring. My style personality was identified and exciting new make-up applied. When I emerged two hours later, I felt renewed, excited and energised. I discovered I could wear colours that I hardly knew existed. Reds and oranges were suddenly a possibility and outdated rules gone forever. Who said blue and green can never be seen? Those blacks, blues and whites had long been draining me, but charcoal looked amazing. The stark contrasts I’d worn for years were too overpowering, but softer blends looked fantastic. My old accessories proved too harsh and shiny and my lipstick too bland and blue. What a revelation!

Flattering my natural shapes and curves

The style consultation that followed made me aware of designs and fabrics that flattered rather than concealed my natural shapes and curves. There is a lot of power and excitement in looking and feeling good. I suddenly felt more confident and in tune with myself.


….and the zeros…..what zeros!

I now enjoy more compliments, and shopping is more fun and satisfying. I was so impressed that I have become fully trained to offer others this wonderful experience. I offer enjoyable and relaxing colour or style consultations. I also offer presentations to local charities and community groups. It is fun and can save you money.  It is a very enjoyable and friendly and confidence-building experience for a new colourful and stylish you.

Inside and out

My roles as a counsellor and hypnotherapist helped me to help people move forward with issues and struggles on the inside. My role as a colour and style therapist helps people to look good on the outside. If you look good, you often feel good and vice versa and this is at the heart of my business.


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